Usui Reiki/Usui Holy fire Reiki

Now a days mouth to mouth people are uttering the WORD Reiki, what is that, what does this REIKI meaning, what it does. Is it material, water, air or what. So many questions in people’s mind. This is a spiritual energy and a gift of God to the mankind to keep healthy mind, body and soul.
So, there is always a question those are unaware of Reiki and questions are –  what is reiki, how we will get it and how to use it. Only Reiki Master knows the entire Engineering of teaching reiki, where human body, endocrine system, neuro system, human energy points, energy system, meridians, how energy creates,flows, how negative energy creates and affect our daily life, how we get disease and how to get rid of it by positive energies etc are all taught by reiki master.
Reiki Master connects the reiki healing
energy (available in the Cosmos) to the students and shows how to use it in the body by laying hands on the 24 energy points of our body. And teaches many techniques to solve many issues of our life.
REIKI is a Japanese word, and meaning is – it is a medicinal energy, that is available around us in the nature. By this energy we can solve our all problems mostly.
So learn reiki and make happier life.
So choose right reiki master that is very important if you want to be  benefited from Reiki energy.

Usui Holy fire Reiki is an upgraded version of Usui Reiki. Dr. William Lee Rand of USA is the pioneer researcher of Usui Reiki. In 2014 Usui Holy fire reiki/Holy fire Karuna reiki-1 came to him through his spiritual guide as 3rd level heaven energy, which has higher vibration with tremendous effect on human life.

I have been working with Reiki since 1997 in Bangladesh and still dedicated on Reiki with the intention to serve people of Bangladesh. The healing methodology of Reiki is a wonderful self healing and other healing techniques. For better outcome on the mental/physical & emotional health of human being of any region, I have been continuously upgrading myself with upgraded versions of any spiritual healing.

I feel happy to be one of the Reiki Grand masters in Bangladesh and I have obtained the honor from my guru Dr. T.B Adhikari who was a disciple of Dr. N K Sharma & Dr. Shavita Sharma of Reiki Healing foundation in Delhi (Lineage of Dr. William Lee Rand & William Hauw). I have been
dedicated to Usui Reiki teaching and healing; now upgraded to Usui Holy fire Reiki Master and Holy fire Karuna Reiki® Master from William Lee Rands Lineage.

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