Kundalini Reiki

Up until fairly recently I had no idea about Kundalini Reiki, but I decided to look into it and have now been attuned. So what is Kundalini Reiki?.

Kundalini is the opening of certain healing channels and chakras allowing access to the Earth’s energy which is part of Universal Energy.

The Root Chakra is the bodies energy centre situated near the coccyx. The Kundalini energy gains access to the body at this point.

Kundalini energy is also known as ‘the Kundalini Fire’. From the Root Chakra the energy flows up through the body via the main energy channel and out through the Crown Chakra.

The bodies energy channel runs from the Root Chakra to the Crown Chakra situated on the top of the head. By opening the Kundalini a complete cleansing of the body and chakras is acquired over a period of time.

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